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Get Your Criminal Record Expunged

Use this site to find a local expungement attorney in the location where you were arrested. You will need to know what state and county the arrest occurred in. Think back. If you only remember the name of the city you can use this website to help you find the county name. Once you know that, follow the steps below:

  1. Find the State listed below where the arrest occurred.
  2. Click or touch the State.
  3. A list of Counties for that State appears.
  4. Click or touch on the county were the arrest occurred.
  5. An expungement attorney's contact information appears.
  6. Contact that attorney to find out if you are eligible to seal or expunge your criminal record.

Are You Eligible For An Expungement? Let's Find Out!

The ability to expunge or seal a criminal record depends upon state law. That is why it is important to talk directly to a local expungement lawyer rather than a nationwide law service that claims it can expunge your record anywhere. Click on the state below where you were arrested to get started answering your questions.

Pick the State Where Your Arrest Occurred:

*- indicates that state has no laws allowing for criminal record expungements.

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Why This Website Was Created

This site is designed and maintained by a criminal defense attorney. After many years in the courtroom it became obvious that too many people were being mis-labeled as criminals and were finding it hard to find even a simple job. The public often mischaractizes people that have a record without understanding the facts. We set up this site to help people overcome these issues.

Fortunately, many states allow you to remove these labels from public records. This is typically called an expungement (although there are other names that ae sometimes used). In order to qualify you have to understand the expungement laws in each state and the many alternatives that exist. Because each state's laws are unique it is best to speak to a knowledgable local expungement attorney where you were arrested rather than a national one-stop-shop office that will just hand your case off to some lawyer you have never even talked to.

An expungement can turn your life around. It is an important issue that needs to be addressed correctly the first time. If done correctly the fee is worth every penny. If you have an unknown attorney do it incorrectly your relief is an appeal and that gets very expensive. This is why a LOCAL ATTORNEY that you have talked to is the better choice.

Questions About Getting Your Criminal Record Expunged?

This site does not provide answers to questions regard eligibility or the process by which someone in a particular state can expunge a criminal record. The best source for that information is a local expungement attorney in the county where you were arrested. That is exactly what the website is designed to do - put you in contact with an expungement attorney that can answer your specific questions.

This site provides contact information to expungement attorneys that people can contact with questions regarding their arrest in a particular state. Remember that each state's laws are unique. Only a practicing attorney familar with the expungement laws where you were arrested can help you.

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